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A B2B Annual Event held at Mumbai, Locations was launched with an Ad in Variety Cannes Special, May 2003 and has since travelled to 2009 in its 7th Edition. Location has created a Niche Film Tourism, based on this concept

Films are Catalyst to Tourism
Locations brings under one roof,  Global locale vendors and allied service representatives to interact with the Indian Film Industry. The Exhibition Conference has seen the presence of over 25 Countries / Regions / States / Resorts (Sellers)  interacting with the more than a 1000 strong cross section with the Indian Film Industry (Buyers).  Locations can help revolutionise your tourism with Tourism as Product Placement in Indian Films, the world's largest Film Industry. In fact, BBC World recognizes Locations as a Unique Enterprise.

The India Film Industry
India produces over 1,000 Feature Films almost double of Hollywood, over 2,000 Music Videos, over 5,000 Advertisement Films, over 10,000 Tele Serials in 21 languages in a year.

Every 2nd feature film has a shoot on foreign locations. Every 3rd Music video is shot on foreign locations.

Every 5th Ad films is shot on foreign locations. Every 50th Serial is shot on foreign locations. Business of 1 bn dollars.

The World’s 2nd Largest Population
India is the Worlds 2nd largest ethnic group and spread over from China to South America, Australia to Greenland. India outbound tourism market is one of the fastest growing. With the middle and upper middle class Indian income across the world booming. The market has seeing an annual growth of almost 12% in the last five years.

The Indian Tourist is highly influenced by the Indian Film and Entertainment Industry. Especially with a strong Indian audience growing across the world with the mushrooming of Indian channels, Indian software and Indian Films theatrical releases which have grown from near 40 theatres in 1999 in the USA to 500 theatres in 2005.Indian Tourist spend business approx 6 bn dollars.

Effects of Indian Film on Indian Tourists and Regions
1960 – 89 - Patni top sees almost 200 Film shot, Kashmir becomes Indian's Tourist Mecca
2000 - Kaho Na Pyaar Hai releases, shot in New Zealand.
In 2001 500 sq.ft. Immigration counter increases in size to become 5000 sq.ft. counter.
2003 - UK begins to promote Indian Film Shoot, soon becomes the choice of Indian Film Makers with the UK subsidies, 12 flights a week becomes 24 flights a week by 2006.
2005 - Gangster – shot in South Korea, flights with 30% occupancy in 2005 become 100%
2006 - Interlaken in Switzerland exposed in Indian Films, the region sees 5,00,000 Indian tourists in 2006.

 7.5 million Singapore $ 1,500 US$ 5.8 billion   
 Number of outbound Indian Tourists till August 2006 on a 4 day stay.
 Average amount Indian tourists in Singapore spend.
 The estimated amount Indians spent on outbound tourism   
50 million -the estimated number of outbound Indian  tourists by 2020 according tot he World
Singapore $750 - average amount other tourists spend on 4 day visit
 US$ 63 billion - the estimated amount Indians will spend on outbound tourism by 2015.

17th Annual Edition April 2019.
Mumbai. India