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Line Production Facilities in India

I & B Ministry of India (Script clearances) Home Ministry (Work permits) Archeological Society of India (Heritage sites) Ministry of Defence – Coast Guard Local – 1. Police 2. Municipal 3. Electricity 4. Road Traffic 5. Fire

2. Security
Arrangements for Crew & Unit

3. Recce
Reconnaisance packages to different parts of the country inclusive of Travel, Sight seeing, Boarding and Lodging.

4. Technology Tie-ups
1. Digital – Preproduction / Post production
2. Analogue - Preproduction / Post production
3. Other – Production : Lights, Camera, Grips, Cranes, Crab Dolleys etc

5. Cast & Crew- Having been in the business of films for over 25 years, we can help, identify, source, recruit, requirements ranging from Models, Actors to DOPs, Editors, Graphic Artistes, Animators.

6. Studio & Lab Tie-ups
1. World class studio facilities for – Recording, Shooting floors, Edit facilities.
2. Labs if required a range and choice outsourcing.

6. Food & Hospitality- The best available in the country at most economical rates. Courtesy our tie-ups.


17th Annual Edition April 2019.
Mumbai. India