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Sudhanshu Hukku - CMD

Sudhanshu began his professional career at the age of 23 with a feature film titled Kafila - The Caravan. The movie received widespread critical acclaim and was also accorded a screening at the prestigious art mecca of India - Bharat Bhawan, Bhopal in the year 1990.

Audio Visual Presentations:
American Express Bank Ltd., Silverline Industries, Mumbai Municipal Corporation, Anand Bazar Patrika and The Times of India.

Post feature, Sudhanshu worked on a range of creative assignments in multimedia, developing corporate logos, brochure covers, print ads and campaigns, documentaries, training films, ad shorts and, of course, designing events. All of which, he believes, are an "Extension of Theatre without Words".

Among the events, conceptualized and developed by Sudhanshu, here are a few original and firsts:
  • An Amateur Fashion Design Competition for Mid Day - a Leading Tabloid of Mumbai city and Globus, a fashion Mall,
  • Race for Pace - where over 6000 participants tried their hand at being the Fastest in their region. This event again involved Mid Day and the Western Union
  • Neon City Blues - a grand New Year with only Light source being the Brands displayed through Neon Hubs. The event was covered by Amul India Show on the Star Network as the only designer event of its kind.
  • Created the First Ever Equine Excellence Awards for RWITC - PRIVE - Tata Housing Annual Awards.
  • Locations World - the world's first film tourism event. The event received wide coverage; it was even featured on BBC World for its unique concept based on the idea "Films are Catalyst to Tourism
In between all this, Sudhanshu also rekindled his passion for theatre. ‘Caligula, the Word, Character and the Caesar" and "Madonna – the Rebirth" based on interviews of the Star by Norman Mailer for Variety juxtaposed with Dubois's Theatre of Spectacle and Eco's Travels in Hyper Reality. Besides, he's also working on a novel," Circa Mimeosis'and the installation of a film museum city.

As the driving force of Novel Event Works Co Ltd (NEWCO), Sudhanshu is responsible for spearheading its course from an event company to an entertainment major. NEWCO's services now include everything to do with films and tourism - from line production to production to designer holiday packages.


17th Annual Edition April 2019.
Mumbai. India


  • KAFILA, the Film is available in The British Film Institute Archives
  • BBC World Interview In BBC Archives